Makers and enthusiasts are 3D printing disposable splash protection face shields to address a shortage of PPE during the COVID-19 crisis in Ireland.

We are using the National 3D Printing Society model v3.6 with the Prusa bottom reinforcement. The headband is 3d printable with PETG or PLA, and the shield part can be made with acetate (150+ micron preferred, thicker is better)

This document is a work in progress and not an official guide from any organisation, project or institution but an attempt to summarise the information that is available. Follow the conversation in the slack and facebook groups. This document is primarily aimed at those with 3D printers who wish to join this effort and are confused with the variety of information available.

If you have a 3D printer but do not have the ability to create full shields, there are options available for you. See #what-to-do-with-completed-headbands-if-you-cannot-produce-shields.

You will need

To make headbands

To make full shields

If you don’t have transparencies or the hole punch, you should still print the headbands, as there are solutions in the works to produce the shields separately.

Bill of materials and suppliers from OSV-X.

STL Files

Older STLs

STEP Files



Material PETG (preferred), PLA
Layer height 0.2mm (for 0.4mm nozzle)
Line width 0.4mm
Infill 0%
Wall count 4

Cleanliness ⚠️

What to do with completed headbands if you cannot produce shields

Benchspace based in Cork (website/facebook) are collecting printed parts using the blood bike network from everywhere in the country. They have a crowdfunding campaign for obtaining materials.

They have a getting started document which includes a sign up form and a job tracker. This group is preparing a HSE provided facility for central assembly and sanitizing of 3d printed parts, as well as machinery for cut-and-die of acetate sheets.

Creating the shield

Until laser cut versions of the shield plastic are available, you can use transparent cellulose acetate sheets from office suppliers, used in binding or overhead projection.

Obtaining acetate

Preparing the acetate (Work in Progress)

There is documentation on cutting the acetate on the 3dverkstan page. Follow the instructions for the European version.

You can use a 3d printable cutting guide for slicing the corners.

Shield Assembly

What to do with completed shields (Work in progress)

Find out where they need to go:

Prepare for shipment

Ship to healthcare centre

Reuse of masks

In general, full face shields are single use and cannot be reused without creating an infection risk.

Whether face shields are being reused depends on the setting (hospital vs community) and the type of patients they deal with, and the workers who are using the shields.

Some facilities are cleaning the printed parts (headbands) and replacing the acetate sheets. It follows that if you can oversupply acetate, some centres may be able to get additional use out of the headbands. If you find out which facilities are doing this, please share this information with the printiing community or one of the design/distribution projects.

This document

This document is up to date as of 24 April 2020. Please reach out to me(at)shanet.ie for corrections or if you wish to contribute.